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Be blown away by a completely unique experience
– one of its kind in Australia and only offered
in a handful of places around the world!!!

We offer a unique experience that includes not one but TWO Centurion Tanks,

both Ex- Australian Army Tanks that served in Vietnam.

Tank Ride's Epic Video

Get an up close experience with our 52 tonne Gun Tank affectionately named as “The Bitch” while in service.
She has a huge 27 litre petrol V12 motor that creates 650HP and sounds like nothing you have ever heard before.
We use this beauty to crush cars as well as demonstrate the workings of a Historic Vietnam battle Tank.

Your experience includes a tour and a chance to crawl all over this awesome machine.
Then get the feel of exactly what it was like inside the Centurion by taking a ride in our Driver Training Tank.
This tank, also served in Vietnam and is one of only 3 tanks in the world ever converted to a training tank and is
the ONLY  one available for public to ride in complete with seat belts, a communication system, all weather cover
– sitting in a similar position to where the Gunner,
Commander and Projectile loader would have been seated.

This baby weighs in at 35 tonne and boasts the same huge V12 motor but with better performance,
higher speeds, greater agility and a fantastic “Drivers Perspective” view-point.
Your experience will last around 1.5 hour with a Tank Ride (approx 20 mins),
a guided Gun Tank tour and the opportunity to see a V12 motor up close


Signature Tank Ride

$70Per Person
  • This 35 ton Centurion training tank is identical in every way to the 52 Ton beast except without a turret! It handles like a sports car in comparison and safely seats up to 8 passengers.15 minute ride and 45minute hands on experience including guide through Gun tank. * *Group bookings available at a discount for 6+ people, please contact for details. Gift Voucher available please specify on comments when paying or send an email with address etc**

Ferret Scout Car Ride for 1

$55One Person
  • Ride in the Ferret Scout Car developed by the British Army after World War II. Weighing over 3.5 tonnes and with 4WD capability and speed up to 90km/h it is an exceptional 2 person vehicle.
    You can experience the thrill of riding in the Machine Gun Turret as our professional driver puts it through its paces on a specially designed off-road course.

Alvis Sabre Ride for 2

$375Two People
  • Come ride in our Alvis sabre…..A variant of the Alvis Scorpion and only one of 2 known in Australia!! Don’t be fooled by the smaller size and lighter weight, this beast can travel at up to 80kmh in both directions, climb up and over things the bigger tank won’t and over softer ground due to very low ground pressure. It’s fully packed with radios and all the original equipment from service around the world. This ride is for up to 2x people and is sure to keep a smile on your face.

Centurion Gun tank ride for Two

$499Two People
  • Experience the commanders position on a 52 ton Gun tank that served in the Vietnam war. Get ready for the ride of your life around our custom built tank track. Two people at a time with no others present for a 15 minute ride and 60 minute hands on experience.

Alvis Stalwart

$5992 hrs*
  • Our Alvis Stalwart is one of only 2 known in Australia and the only one modified to carry a maximum of 18 participants for the most awesome ride of your life! This vehicle was designed to support the tanks with supplies getting to them through any terrain including water. This ride is very different to the tanks with steep climbs and faster travel speeds and be prepared to see a 10.5t vehicle swim! The perfect experience for Group Bookings and Parties.

Centurion Bridge Laying Tank

$100Per Person
  • Is now operational. Book the first tickets! We have secured the last operational Bridge laying Centurion tank in the WORLD for your viewing and riding pleasure. This tank served in Vietnam, has an awesome history and it lays a 16metre bridge by flipping it vertically off its own roof and down to the ground in front. Amazing hydraulic power even by todays standards!!!
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As you may have already guessed Tim is slightly eccentric so if you can dream something up that you would love to do with this Tank chances are he will at least consider it! We have been approached for things like shows and events including car crushing etc to movie and photo shoot interest as well.  There are very few tanks around that are this accessible and we appreciate that people may want to have a slightly different experience so please if this is you and you think you can afford the cost of hire and transportation to your site of choice then by all means contact us and we will see what we can do!

Some Words From Our Clients

What an amazing experience. For me personally, a childhood dream come true… That’s probably why I enjoyed it so much. However, Tim is a really awesome, friendly guy who is passionate about his hobby.
Joshua N.
My son is tank mad. So I contacted Tim to arrange a ride for his 3rd Birthday. Tim was really helpful with all my questions and made it so easy to arrange. All the family (Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles) ended up coming too. We all had such a great time. Emmett still talks about Tim and his special tank ride daily! Thanks so much for making it a day to remember. We’ll be back!
Ivy G.
I was going to be doing this by myself until I let the family know! All six of us today had a ride in the Centurion training tank with Tim and then out with Greg on the Ferret armoured vehicle! It was amazing! Best day ever! Thanks guys! Mckibbin Family.
Janelle M.