52t Centurion Gun Tank

You can feel the power in this beauty before she even starts up! This 52t beast was affectionately named “The Bitch” in Vietnam and has an interesting history including being hit by landmines on two occasions. Her birthday was in 1953 and amazingly everything still works on this tank (except the guns) so you will enjoy seeing exactly how they were operated and what real tank conditions are like. Seats 2x people.

This is our passenger tank – used in Vietnam as a gun tank but when it returned it was converted by the Australian army to train new drivers. Identical in every way except the turret has been removed. Only three tanks were converted making this tank very rare and the only one you can score a ride in!!
She seats up to 8 smaller people or 6x people in comfort.

Welcome our NEWEST EDITION! she is our lightest tank at just 7t which means she has amazing speed, you wont be disappointed if you come for a personalised ride in this baby. Reaching top speeds of up to 70km/hr and with agility to match this tank provides the thrill of a lifetime. It is also registered and has rubber pads on the tracks allowing it to be used in parades or special occasions on the road. We even have bookings for weddings and formals in this!!!!
Seats 2x people.

The Ferret Scout Car Mark 2, was developed by the British Army in the late 1940s and came into production in the 1950s. The Ferret first saw service in the British Army in 1952, and a little later in Australia.There were many series and Marks of the Ferret. In Australia two were primarily used. The Mark1, which had no turret and a crew of three, and the Mark2, with a turret and a crew of two. This is the Mark 2.The Australian Army used the Ferrets as scout cars until the 1960s, they were disposed of by public auction in the early 1970s. The Ferret is a light armored car, intended for light reconnaissance work, they are very mobile and were well suited to their role.
The motor was Roll Royce B60 motor, giving the vehicle a power to weight ratio of 29.35 break horse power per tonne, the vehicle weighs 3.6 tonnes, although a combat weight would be 4.3 tonnes. It is four wheel drive, constant, and has a top speed of 93 k.p.h
Seats one passenger.